PSGI protocol for HTTP::Tiny

Summer of Code Project Ideas

PSGI protocol for HTTP::Tiny


Add PSGI support for HTTP::Tiny which would allow ease of testing for code using the module.

Expected outcomes

The module allows you to provide code that will called to respond to requests you make with LWP, rather than them going off to a server. LWP is multiprotocol, so lends itself to having PSGI added.

A GSoC student would author something analogous, but for HTTP::Tiny.

The pod of LWP::Protocol::PSGI has a good example, where a trivial dancer app is loaded to respond to LWP requests to In a test file, an author can mock a web service without having to start up a http daemon of some sort, and doesnt need to insert shims in their code either. Another example from the real world is The code being tested in entirely unaware of the subterfuge.

See also Furl::PSGI

A version for HTTP::Tiny would do something very similar. Authors of code using HTTP::Tiny could use this new HTTP::Tiny w/ PSGI in their test suites to mock web services they want to test against.

For HTTP::Tiny to speak to something via PSGI, the Student would study and decide upon:

  • Faking HTTP::Tiny entirely, with a module that would be loaded prior to HTTP::Tiny and trick perl in to not loading it

  • Add hooks in HTTP::Tiny, so that PSGI can be used

  • Sub-class HTTP::Tiny and override necessary functions, similar to Furl::PSGI

  • Other, as suggested by more creative perl people

Having made an informed decision, proceed to author the module and release it to the CPAN.

Required skills

Reasonable understanding of Perl and testing in Perl.



Possible mentors