Raku Enterprise Tools

Summer of Code Project Ideas

Raku Enterprise Tools

Raku is designed along the same lines as Perl, letting you write code the way you want to. Corporations sometimes have a different mindset, and want code written by different people to look the same. This way new people can be brought up-to-speed on a given code base quicker.

We propose a set of CLI tools that will let users:

  • Parse Raku code into an AST and reconstruct the original code from that tree.
  • Walk said AST tree to make certain that the parsed code meets corporate standards as specified in a configuration file.
  • Edit said AST tree in order to make the code compliant with the corporate standards.

Expected outcomes

  • Command-line script to parse and “dump” AST of a small Raku file to the terminal, formatting optional.
  • Modules will compile and be at least of alpha (v0.1) quality.
  • Modules will have at least non-trivial documentation.
  • Modules will be built with App::Mi6 and will be released to the CPAN ecosystem.
  • Modules will have a non-trivial test suite which parses basic Raku expressions

Preferred skills:

  • Familiarity with Raku and its grammars.
  • Ability to learn on-the-fly appreciated.

Required skills:

  • Experience writing at least one of:
    • Python
    • Perl
    • Ruby
    • Bash
  • Experience with at least one of:
    • flex / bison
    • lex / yacc
    • ANTLR


Medium to Advanced

Possible mentors

  • Jeffrey Goff (drforr@gmail.com, GitHub), DrForr on Freenode, irc.perl.org