Upgrade high-priority community modules

Summer of Code Project Ideas

Upgrade high-priority community modules


Some modules in the Raku ecosystem have been adopted by the community due to different reasons, inclusing donation by the original author. In many cases, they are modules used extensively by other modules and form the foundation of many applications; however, since they are community-maintained, there’s not single author paying attention to them all the time.

In this project we will take into account River scores to select modules that many other modules depend upon, and upgrade them by

  • Fixing bugs
  • Adding tests to make them follow specs.
  • Improve performance.

Expected outcomes

Modules to be considered:

  • URI is the one with the highest River score, meaning there are many modules that depend on it. There are 3 issues now. This module should be upgraded and released as a (stable) version 1.0, which should include passing all tests that other, up-to-date modules like Perl5’s URI include.

  • Pod::To::HTML converts Pod to HTML, and could be part of the project to revamp documentation tooling, since it’s used extensively there, although it stands by itself. There are 7 issues now, these issues should be addressed, and this module released to a (stable) version 1.0.

  • Test::When this module was recently adopted, and it’s got 0 issues. However, it mentions restrictions that are not implemented and needs some adaptation of the documentation. It’s at version 1.001, should be upgraded and version 1.002 released.

  • LWP::Simple, a simple HTTP client which is right now at version 0.1. It has 3 issues, which should be addressed and solved, and release a stable version 1, which should include all the features of the equivalent Perl5’s LWP::Simple.

Modules requested, or wanted, by the community are listed in this repo. Some of them are work in progress, but some of them could be really interesting to have, for instance, a Term::UI module for creating terminal user interfaces.

Required skills

Knowledge, or willing to learn, Raku, including handling Raku grammars.



Possible mentors

JJ Merelo.