Create a Raku implementation of gRPC

Summer of Code Project Ideas

Create a Raku implementation of gRPC


gRPC is a protocol that’s used extensively, by itself or as part of services such as etcd. For the time being, there’s no Raku module that offers a high-level interface to it.

In this project, the student would be expected to create and release to the Raku ecosystem a gRPC module, along with example on how to work with it.

Expected outcomes

  • Functional version 0.1 released to the ecosystem.
  • Examples included with the distribution on how to use it for interfacing with different services.

Required skills

Required or prefered skills the student should have to be able to tackle this project.

  • Some experience with Raku is appreciated, but not really needed. Will to learn will be a requisite.
  • Experience in C to be able to use NativeCall for C interfacing, in case an adaptation of an already existing C module would be the way to go.



Possible mentors

  • JJ Merelo (, GitHub), jmerelo on Freenode.