Create a Raku implementation of a gRPC client

Summer of Code Project Ideas

Create a Raku implementation of a gRPC client


gRPC is a protocol that’s used extensively, by itself or as part of services such as etcd. For the time being, there’s no Raku module that offers a high-level interface to it.

In this project, the student would be expected to create and release to the Raku ecosystem a gRPC module, along with example on how to work with it. There are many possible ways to implement a library, including using NativeCall, which can bind to external libraries.

The student would be expected to:

  1. Study different implementations of gRPC client to come up with a implementation strategy.
  2. Create a library that’s able to perform basic gRPC functions.
  3. As a bonus, create client libraries for some services such as gRPC that work with it.

Expected outcomes

  • Functional version 0.1 released to the ecosystem.
  • Examples included with the distribution on how to use it for interfacing with different services.
  • If possible, stubs for downstream libraries that can be used easily or expanded.

Required skills

Required or prefered skills the student should have to be able to tackle this project.

  • Some experience with Raku is appreciated, but not really needed. Will to learn will be a requisite.
  • Experience in C to be able to use NativeCall for C interfacing, in case an adaptation of an already existing C module would be the way to go.



Possible mentors

  • JJ Merelo (, GitHub), jmerelo on Freenode.
  • Donald Hunter (, GitHub), donaldh on Freenode.