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Google Summer of Code ideas page for Perl and Raku projects


Mentors! Head over to the Perlyglot Mentors Guide!

The Perl Foundation is preparing an application for Google Summer of Code 2021.

This page lists project ideas for Perl, Raku and its related projects.

Project Ideas

Here’s a list of project ideas proposed by the community:

How to participate

Each project should idea lists the mentors with their contact information at the end. Check out the project template for its general structure.

General information on the initiative

Google offers some very good documentation for Summer of Code. If you haven’t already you should really head over to it. Make sure you don’t miss

Contact the Raku community

In general the Raku community is most active on IRC. Just drop by on the #raku Freenode channel and say Hello!

If you prefer email, head over to the mailing lists. The perl6-users mailing list is the one you probably want to use.

Contact the Perl community

Here’s a list of Perl mailing lists, with this Perl specific list for beginners. Perl has its own IRC hosting site, with this list of channels. #perl-help is the best place for beginners.

Contact the Orgainzation Administrators

  • JJ Merelo ( / GitHub)
  • Makoto Nozaki (

Previous GSoCs

GSoC proposals that were not funded


We have a dedicated guide for people interested in mentoring a Perl or Raku project: Perlyglot Mentors Guide.