Google Summer of Code ideas page for Perl/Raku projects

Ideas for projects for the next Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code ideas page for Perl/Raku projects

This repository lists GSoC project ideas for Perl and related projects.

If you are a student and have a project idea not listed below, feel free to contact the organization administrators and just ask!

Project Ideas

Adding ideas

To add project ideas create a pull request for this repository. Just copy the project idea template into the perl or raku directory (or create a new one if it does not fit exactly in any of them) and fill it out. Use a separate file for each project idea. Please also add your project idea to the Project ideas list above, itemized. If you have an idea but no mentor or the idea is not entirely fleshed out, add it to incomplete project ideas and try to complete it. Ideas without a mentor will have to be removed before this list is submitted to Google.

Project ideas need to meet certain criteria described on this Google page. When you use the template you should be good to go. If you have an idea and want to discuss it before adding anything, discuss it here or add a new issue.

Last year’s site

Last year’s site is here.